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Toppan USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Toppan Inc., which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and one of the largest printing companies in the world. Toppan USA, Inc. began when Toppan Inc. decided they wanted to make a larger impact in the world of packaging. Understanding the needs and demands within the industry, Toppan Inc. made the decision to build a new state of the art barrier film facility in the USA.

Production facility in Griffin, Georgia (photo) Griffin, Georgia Production Facility

In March 2016, Toppan USA, Inc. opened its doors to the new production facility which is located in Griffin, Georgia. The plant marked a milestone for its parent company, Toppan Inc., as this was the first plant outside of Japan to produce “GL FILM” GL FILM is a transparent barrier film that offers the world’s highest-level barrier performance, developed using Toppan Inc.’s original coating and vapor deposition technologies. Since its introduction, the demand for GL FILM has continued to grow and Toppan USA, Inc. has become the premier transparent barrier film supplier in North and South America and Europe.

State of the Art Facility

Clean Room

Clean Room

Our Toppan USA Inc. manufacturing site is located in Griffin Georgia. All production of our GL-Barrier films are produced in our clean room facility. Our employees must wear provided overclothing and shoes specifically for the protection of our product made in our facility which is 100% climate controlled, providing the highest quality Barrier film in the industry.

Transferred Machinery

Transferred Machinery

Our facility uses state of the art machinery which is mirrored from that of our GL-Barrier film facilities in Japan. Our Operators are highly trained by our Japanese experts on site who provide support. Our associates take great pride in producing products used in the packaging for Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and other product where Barrier film is required

Three Manufacturing High Barrier Film Facilities

Toppan now has three manufacturing facilities that produce & supply our transparent high barrier films. Having multiple locations allows Toppan to respond to the needs of customers worldwide by providing shorter lead times, local product development, technical assistance, stability in supply chain, contingency plans in case of natural disaster, and an unmatched level of quality and service.

Fukuoka, Japan
Fukaya, Japan
Georgia, USA

The Griffin Georgia plant has increased Toppan’s capacity and ability to supply GL FILM and other transparent barrier films to packaging manufacturers and other businesses throughout the Americas and Europe. By utilizing its plant location, Toppan USA also aims to increase and expand its business into future endeavors within the industry.

Worldwide map

45 Countries

15,000 Products

30+ Years

According to our own survey, Toppan USA’s GL FILM is used for a wide variety of applications in the food and beverage, personal care, medical, and industrial sectors. GL FILM, which was developed in 1986, spans a history of more than 30 years and it is used in excess of 15,000 products in over 45 countries.

With a focus on sustainability becoming increasingly more important, Toppan USA is actively developing new barrier films with the environment and society as a whole in mind. These new options include PE-based and BOPP-based transparent high barrier films that are ideal for mono-material packaging with outstanding recyclability. Toppan's original coating and deposition technologies will enable these new barrier films to offer a breakthrough in recyclability for the flexible packaging industry.

Toppan USA, in unison with its parent company, will continue to develop and enhance its technologies and capabilities in order to bring a "Clear Advantage" to brand owners and consumers with their products.

Company Name:Toppan USA, Inc.
President:Masa Tatewaki
Product Manufactured:Transparent Barrier Films
Parent Company:Toppan Inc.

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