Management Message

TOPPAN USA’s GL FILM Brings Clear Advantage to the Lifestyle & Sustainability

Establishing a sustainable society with our core focus on innovations for packaging solutions. As a leader and global manufacturer of transparent high barrier film we strive to enrich people’s lives by making packaging highly functional and more useful.

Aiming to leverage printing technologies to impact social values, TOPPAN has undertaken a wide range of businesses since its founding in 1900. Since the opening of our Griffin, Georgia plant, our business has grown significantly. This growth is also fortified by the close relationships with customers and a strong flexible packaging market that has increased the demand for our films. One main goal for TOPPAN is to provide a steadfast commitment to a diverse global marketplace through our creative packaging solution, industry leading customer service and overall best in class innovations.

TOPPAN has been expanding its business for over 30 years to 46 countries and regions all over the world, with our output reaching in excess of 15,000 products. We strive to realize a continuous growth cycle on a global scale. We are achieving this goal by developing applications in regions all over the world, by focusing on value-added products created within the manufacturing legacy and framework that is Japan. As part of the TOPPAN Group, we’ve scientifically delve into creating a sustainable society and enhancement of enterprise value. Our technology development has evolved over our history of more than 120 years, transforming the business portfolio, escalating environmental, social, and governance initiatives. With a focus on sustainability becoming increasingly important, TOPPAN USA is actively developing new barrier films with the environment and society in mind. These include PE-based and BOPP-based transparent high barrier films that are ideal for mono-material packaging with outstanding recyclability. TOPPAN's original coating and deposition technologies enable these new barrier films to become a breakthrough in the recyclability flexible packaging industry. TOPPAN USA will continue to enhance its technologies and capabilities to bring a "Clear Advantage" to everyone's life with their products.

Masahiko Tatewaki
President & CEO