Toppan USA, Inc.


Toppan USA’s GL FILM brings Clear Advantage to the lifestyle & Sustainability

Toppan USA, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of transparent high barrier film based in Georgia, USA. Toppan USA’s GL FILM is used for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage, personal care, medical, and industrial sectors. GL FILM’s history spans more than 30 years and it is used for in excess of 15,000 products in 45 countries.

Toppan USA was established in 2014 in Griffin, GA, as Toppan’s first transparent barrier film manufacturing site outside Japan. Our business has grown significantly thanks to a strong flexible packaging market for our films and close relationships with customers.

Utilizing Toppan's cutting-edge technology, GL FILM’s high barrier, transparent, non-foil structure and other features enrich people’s lives by making packaging highly functional and more convenient.

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, Toppan USA is actively developing new barrier films for a sustainable society. These include PE-based and BOPP-based transparent high barrier films that are ideal for mono-material packaging with outstanding recyclability. Toppan's original coating and deposition technologies enable these new barrier films to achieve a breakthrough in the recyclability of flexible packaging.

Toppan USA will continue to enhance its technologies and capabilities to bring a "Clear Advantage" to everyone's life.

Masa Tatewaki
President & CEO
Toppan USA, Inc.

Masa Tatewaki