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All You Need to Know About Eco-friendly Food Packaging Materials

All You Need to Know About Eco-friendly Food Packaging Materials

Packaging is often considered a "main culprit" for a business's environmental impact. Thankfully, with the worsening global temperature, more retailers have been making a shift toward environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Since packaging is something everyone deals with on a daily basis, the popularity of eco-friendly packaging is also growing among consumers at unprecedented rates.

But what exactly is eco-friendly packaging? Read on to know.

So, What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging, also known as sustainable or green packaging, incorporates new and innovative materials that are more sustainable and easy to recycle. Sustainable packaging material for food items offers a high level of protection from oxygen, and moisture maintains the quality and extends its shelf life.

Eco-friendly packaging solutions provide an effective way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and build an impactful reputation among customers.

Why Adopt Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Many companies use excessive packaging made from toxic materials. Switching to recyclable and safe packaging materials provides them with a viable solution to minimize the guilt associated with traditional packaging.

Since packaging can make or break a business, it's important to choose the right type of food packaging application film that can meet your overall food packaging requirements.

Here are three compelling reasons to choose eco-friendly packaging.

No Harmful Toxins

Many consumers remain concerned about the health risks associated with traditional packaging material. Petrochemical resources like crude oil are used to make most traditional packaging materials, making them extremely harmful to the environment regarding refinement, extraction, use, distribution, and disposal.

Luckily, this is not the case with eco-friendly packaging solutions. They are safe and don't release harmful toxins into the environment throughout their lifespan.

Lower Carbon Footprint

With the growing plastic waste problem, many companies are switching to mono-material packaging. Mono-material packaging includes high barrier films with polyethylene (PET), PE, and BOPP substrates which can help businesses reduce their negative environmental impact.

It's safe to say that opting for eco-friendly packaging is the surefire way to make your business carbon neutral.

Easy to Recycle

Packaging is the first impression of your brand. And the ability to be recycled makes packaging stand out. Today companies of all sizes and types are putting efforts to achieve sustainability. To achieve that, they are adopting recyclable mono-material structures.

In addition to recyclability, high-quality eco-friendly packaging solutions also offer UV protection, heat resistance, and odor prevention.

For 100% Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions, Trust Toppan

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