Barrier Film Performance

What is a barrier?

This refers to the function preventing from oxygen, moisture, and other substances that may alter or deteriorate the quality and function of the content.

It is one of the most important functions of packaging or protective material.

Barrier Film Performance

Comparison of barrier film performance

GL FILM offers outstanding performance as compared to other barrier film products. It is suitable for a wide range of contents and applications.

Because functionality remains largely unaffected by temperature or humidity, GL FILM can be used in confidence all year round. Stable performance and high quality are the reasons for its steadily expanding market share.

Transparent barrier Non-transparent barrier
(Barrier OPA) e.g. MXD- 6
GL FILM (PET) Aluminum Vapor Deposition film Aluminum foil
Oxygen barrier performance Good Good Fair Fair Good Fair Excellent
Water vapor barrier performance Poor Poor Fair Poor Good Good Excellent
Temperature/humidity dependency Yes Yes Yes Yes Small Small No
Aroma retention Good Good Fair Poor Excellent Poor Excellent
Suitability for retort pouch Fair Poor Good Fair Good Poor Excellent
Suitability for microwave oven usage Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Poor

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