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GL BARRIER is a comprehensive barrier product brand of barrier films with GL FILM at its core today maintains a leading share of the global market on account of world-class barrier performance and an extensive range of products for diverse purposes

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Layer Structure

GL FILM layer structure (diagram)

GL FILM consists of:

  • A transparent base layer (PET, PE, PP)
  • An inorganic high quality vapor deposition layer (AIOX or SiOX)
  • A proprietary barrier coat layer that provides additional protection as well as offering exceptional printability

The film has many superlative properties and it is available in a variety of grades to best meet the intended application. GL BARRIER is known for its outstanding quality and has become the industry leader in transparent barrier films, and TOPPAN’s success can be seen as we maintain the largest market share throughout the world.

GL FILM layer structure (diagram)

What is a Barrier?

A barrier is a function of the film. It prevents oxygen, moisture and other substances from penetrating the film that may alter or deteriorate the quality of its contents. It is one of the most important functions of packaging or protective materials, and often extends the shelf-life for products that incorporate it.

Vapor    Oxygen

Features of GL BARRIER Film

Excellent Barrier Performance

  • GL FILM offers an alternative to AL Foil and an improvement over metallized films, PVDC and EVOH films
  • Maintaining barrier performance under high temperature and humidity
  • High transparency, enhanced product appeal and display content

Environment Friendly

  • Different grades are suitable for dry & liquid content as well as different types of sterilization including hot fill, boiling, and retort.


Versatile Lineup

  • When replacing aluminum, packaging structure may be downgauged (source reduction)
  • Suitable for metal detection & use in a microwave
  • Films contain no chlorine

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Comparison of Barrier Performance

Comparison of barrier performance (chart)

Examples of products that use GL FILM (photo)

GL FILM Applications

GL FILM's high barrier performance protects contents from moisture, oxygen, and drying. It also provides a range of added value. GL FILM can be used to replace aluminum foil, and its transparency enables contents to be visible, thus enhancing their appeal to customers. Packages using GL FILM can also be heated in microwave ovens and inspected using metal detectors.

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GL FILM Grade Selector

Application Clear
Sterilization/Filling Clear
Base Film Clear
Packaging Content Clear
Sustainability Clear
Barrier Levels
OTR (cc/100in2/day) (cc/m2/day)   Clear
WVTR (g/100in2/day) (g/m2/day)   Clear
GradeBase FilmOTR
GL-AE PET 48ga / 12micron0.5 / 0.0321 / 0.065Dry Goods
GX-P-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.1 / 0.0060.05 / 0.003Medical & Electronics where High OTR Needed
GL-AEC-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0190.7 / 0.045Dry and Liquid Content- Hot Fill
GL-ARH-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0191 / 0.065Semi-Retort - Liquid Content
GL-ARH PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0191.3 / 0.084High Retort - Liquid Content
GL-RD PET 48ga / 12micron0.2 / 0.0130.3 / 0.019Various Product for Enhanced Post-Retort
GL-BP-F PP 72ga / 18micron0.2 / 0.0130.2 / 0.013Liquid Content / Hot-Fill / Boiling Condition and Recyclable Stream
No products found. Clear all filters.
Measurement conditions:
OTR (86°F, 70%RH): cc/100in²/day
OTR (30°C, 70%RH): cc/m²/day
WVTR (104°F, 90%RH): g/100in²/day
WVTR (40°C, 90%RH): g/m²/day

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