GL FILM is a transparent barrier film with the world’s highest level barrier performance, developed by using Toppan’ s original coating and vapor deposition technologies.

The film has many outstanding properties and is available in a wide array of variations. It boasts the world's top market share.

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Layer Structure

GL FILM consists of a base layer (PET, OPA, etc.), an inorganic vapor deposition layer (alumina, silica, etc.), and a barrier coat layer. The multi-layer structure combining a proprietary coat layer and high quality vapor deposition layer facilitates lamination and ensures stable barrier performance.

Layer Structure

Features of GL FILM

Excellent barrier performance

  • Protects content from absorbing moisture, drying out, or spoiling
  • Aroma retention prevents odor transfer and preserves commercial value for long periods
  • Temperature and humidity have almost no effect, allowing usage in almost any environment

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Environment friendly

  • No chlorine gas produced when incinerated
  • Almost no residue when incinerated
  • Aluminum-free composition reduces total waste generation

Versatile lineup

  • Lineup includes aluminum foil replacement grade type
  • OPA type boasts highest oxygen barrier performance of OPA based products and also excels in aroma retention and flexibility

High transparency and non-metallic

  • The seal section is visible during filling
  • Metal detector, microwave oven, and IC tags can be used
  • Transparency can be utilized to enhance product appeal
  • Highly flex resistance

Wide application range including food & beverage, medical & pharmaceutical, and industrial products

  • Lineup includes a wide variety of types with different properties , allowing selection of optimal grade for every application

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Product Lineup

Type Grade OTR
Imperial / Metric
Imperial / Metric
Standard GL-AEC-F 0.019 / 0.3 0.045 / 0.7 Enhanced WVTR
Hot-Fill~ 210° F / 100° C
For dry and liquid contents
GX-P-F 0.019 / 0.3 0.003 / 0.05 Ultra-Low WVTR
Medical and electronics
Retort GL-AR-DF 0.019 / 0.3 0.064 / 1.0 Retort
Up to 250° F / 121° C
GL-ARH 0.019 / 0.3 0.084 / 1.3 Retort
GL-RD 0.013 / 0.2 0.019 / 0.3 Retort
Enhanced performance post-retort

OTR (86°F, 70%RH): cc/100 in²/day
OTR (30°C, 70%RH): cc/m²/day

WVTR (104°F, 90%RH): g/100 in²/day
WVTR (40°C, 90%RH): g/m²/day

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