GL-ARH-F Retort Autoclave

GL-ARH-F Retort Autoclave

Aluminum Oxide Coated PET film using vacuum deposition coating technology with a protective ‘guard layer’


  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical & Pharma
  • Health & Beauty



Barrier Coating MaterialAlox (Aluminum Oxide)
Base Material(PET) Polyethylene Terephthalate
ThicknessPET 48ga / 12micron
OTR Barrier0.3 cc/m2/day
0.019 cc/100in2/day
WVTR Barrier1 g/m2/day
0.065 g/100in2/day

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GL FILM Grade Selector

Application Clear
Sterilization/Filling Clear
Base Film Clear
Packaging Content Clear
Sustainability Clear
Barrier Levels
OTR (cc/100in2/day) (cc/m2/day)   Clear
WVTR (g/100in2/day) (g/m2/day)   Clear
GradeBase FilmOTR
GL-AE PET 48ga / 12micron0.5 / 0.0321 / 0.065Dry Goods
GX-P-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.1 / 0.0060.05 / 0.003Medical & Electronics where High OTR Needed
GL-AEC-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0190.7 / 0.045Dry and Liquid Content- Hot Fill
GL-ARH-F PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0191 / 0.065Semi-Retort - Liquid Content
GL-ARH PET 48ga / 12micron0.3 / 0.0191.3 / 0.084High Retort - Liquid Content
GL-RD PET 48ga / 12micron0.2 / 0.0130.3 / 0.019Various Product for Enhanced Post-Retort
GL-BP-F PP 72ga / 18micron0.2 / 0.0130.2 / 0.013Liquid Content / Hot-Fill / Boiling Condition and Recyclable Stream
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Measurement conditions:
OTR (86°F, 70%RH): cc/100in²/day
OTR (30°C, 70%RH): cc/m²/day
WVTR (104°F, 90%RH): g/100in²/day
WVTR (40°C, 90%RH): g/m²/day

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