Toppan's New Product Development toward Sustainability

With increasing focus on the environment and recyclability, flexible packaging is growing rapidly.

The majority of current flexible packaging needs to use the material in which multiple materials are laminated to achieve functionality. Therefore, they are not recyclable.

On the other hand, the current mono-material packaging does not have sufficient oxygen and moisture barrier to protect content that requires high barrier such as food, medical and electronics goods, due to a lack of barrier materials.

To overcome these issues, Toppan developed the world’s first aluminum foil-equivalent PE-based SiOx barrier film that has the highest level of oxygen & moisture barrier performance and is recyclable through the STORE-DROP-OFF-program subject to the contents.

It will meet wide-ranging end-user needs with recyclable mono-material packaging—reducing the use of preservatives, extending shelf-life, and enhancing product visibility.

Toppan has also developed BOPP-based barrier films. Both films will be launched soon, bringing the next wave of high-barrier flexible packaging with enhanced environmental and sustainability performance. 

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Download GL FILM-Sustainable Lineup Flyer (PDF)

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